3 footballers of “Barcelona” who can leave in January

3 footballers of “Barcelona” who can leave in January

Barcelona still have a bloated team in some areas, so the transition window in January is likely to be more costly.

The poor form of the last games revealed shortcomings in the depth of the composition of “Barcelona”, because there is no central defender with the right foot Gerard Pique, but there are many midfielders as well as a number of players who play similar roles. Thus, the team is likely to be laid off in January either through a decision to leave or through expulsion.

The salary fund needs to be constantly monitored and reduced as much as possible because it takes away a significant portion of Barcelona’s income. Squad reduction is the most effective way to do this, and these three players can fail at it.

Denis Suarez

The 24-year-old is a footballer who never seems to have reached his full potential at Barcelona because his participation in first-team matches has been inundated with bright sparks, but without consistency. The non-performance of the games certainly played a role in this because of his connections with key players who were constantly breaking down and transforming, and the training was not the same as in a competitive match.

His contract runs until 2020, so he still has time to prove his worth Ernesto ValverdeHowever, the rapid rise of Arthur’s order indicates that Suarez’s chance is gone. If Valverde hasn’t seen enough to give him first-team opportunities in the last 16 months, that’s unlikely to change by the end of the season.

He could decide to stay at the club until the end of the season and see if Valverde will move on because he has not activated the option in his contract for another year, which covers next season. Although this is a risky option because there are no guarantees and he will probably spend much of that time on the bench.

Suarez should prioritize playing time because he is in a key part of his career. His development will moan if he doesn’t start playing more often, so it would be in his best interest to admit that his career at Barcelona has been lost, and to move on forever.

Sergey Samper

He has long been considered the heir of the legendary defensive midfielder Sergio Busquets thanks to its heritage of La Masia. Now this seems unlikely due to its lack of progress due to injuries, failures and lack of playing time. Maintaining the freshness of Busquets is key to the team’s success, but Samper is not seen as a major backup option. This season, he was not actually used in the competitive game, although due to injury missed parts.

His contract expires next summer, so it remains short to save his dream of “Barcelona” because there is currently no question of extending the contract. Release it as a free agent would not be ideal for Catalans, so they can try to sell it in this window at a discounted price. At 23, he could be a great long-term project for a team with a philosophy of ownership that has a coach willing to believe him. Consistent playing time should bring him the best by updating his sluggish development.

Ariol Busquets is now seen as a replacement for the old Busquets, and Frankie de Jong is attracting a lot of attention due to the fact that he has a rare set of skills that could allow him to adapt to the defensive role of midfield, which is not easy to fill Barcelona’s settings. -for the necessary technical skills and tactical intelligence. Time passed by Samper, and some factors over which he had no control denied him a dream. It is best for him and “Barcelona” to go different ways.


The Brazilian midfielder was close to leaving in the summer, but the move never took place. In the second half of last season he was on loan at the Inter, and they had the opportunity to permanently sign him at the end, although they chose not to.

Unlike the other two players mentioned above, Rafinha participated in competitive games. His impressive performances in pre-season matches have potentially played a big part in this. However, he was unable to repeat this for the four performances he made in all competitions. He started two games but was filmed during the break and in the 57th minute in them.

Barcelona may have to lower the price for the 25-year-old if they want to sell him in January due to how little he has played lately. His short spell in Italy served as a reminder of his abilities when he took on the role of attacking midfielder for I Nerazzurri with two goals and three assists in 1047 minutes.

He doesn’t seem to be a major component in Valverde’s plans because he offers little that isn’t yet covered by other players on the team. Philippe Coutinho was moved to a more advanced position, which opened up space in the center of the field. Arthur seems to have won the battle for the role Carles Alena and Ricky Puig Look, destined to become the next midfielders from La Masia, who will be entrenched in the first team.