5 takeaways from the women’s soccer season DII

5 takeaways from the women’s soccer season DII

Two weeks into the 2021 women’s soccer season, DII looks awfully similar to how the last full season ended. The national semifinalists of 2019 – Grand Valley State, West Washington, Flagler and St. Rose – are all invincible and are in the top-10 countries.

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Let’s take a look at some of these teams and what we’ve seen in two weeks this season.

The state of Grand Valley has not slipped

For some reason, the current champions of the country entered the season at number 9 in the pre-season rankings. It came after a 6-1-1 record in the spring and a victory in the next GLIAC championship. Perhaps this was because head coach Jim Conlon’s era began on the opening day, but either way, the Lakers seem to have taken it personally.

On the eve of the third weekend, “Grand Valley” -4: 0. “Lakers” beat their opponents 14-2 and not only got a couple of 25 best victories, but both victories took place in the closing style. Kennedy Bearden and Greta Delach lead with eight points, and starting goalkeeper Kelly Rich allowed one goal in 242 minutes of play. In the latest poll, Grand Valley State has climbed to 2nd place and is doing great.

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Invincible Holy Rose in the top 10 women’s soccer DII

Athletics of the Holy Rose

The Holy Rose remains perfect in the young DII football season.

If the state of Grand Valley, which entered the season under 9th place, seemed surprised, then the complete omission of St. Rose in the pre-season top 25 was definitely a shock. Yes, it’s a team that has played only one game a year at COVID, but the last time we saw the Golden Knights in 2019, they won their record eighth title in the conference, making it to the fourth national semifinal in a decade.

Now 3-0, St. Rose is ranked 3rd in the final standings. The “Golden Knights” took a couple of extra hours to stay flawless on Sunday, but also reduced — no. 8 Jefferson in a 4-0 match the first weekend. Kallin Britt, who scored just five goals in the 2019 season, already has three goals in three games, while freshman Kathleen Krupsky has goals in back-to-back matches. This weekend, St. Rose has another conference-free game before opening its NE10 list in search of a better ninth conference title.

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№1 Flagler finds ways to win

The Saints entered the season after the magical 2019 season when they set a new standard for the program’s success. They started the year at number 1 and remain in the top 25 with an excellent 3-0 record.

But it was not easy.

After the 4: 1 opening day, the Saints participated in two nail bitings: first they defeated Lynn 4: 3 in overtime and then Rollins 2: 1 in overtime. Keep in mind that Flagler reached overtime only twice in the 10-game slate dominant spring 8-0-2. Both of these overtime games took place against regulars at the byrondavies.org.uk DII tournament in Columbus, so if you don’t have a surrounded game (October 10), you probably should do so right now.

7 recent polls

UCCS Athletics
UCCS is in the top 10 women’s DII football.
UCCS is in the top 10 women’s DII football.

In the last 25 best there were serious differences, when seven new teams joined.

  • UC-Colorado Springs made the biggest jump, jumping from receiving votes to 7th place. Despite the fact that at the beginning of the season the game lost, the “Mountain Lions” have victories over the “then”. 2 DBU and previously ranked Tampa.
  • Small was perfect in the season when the Lions went from receiving votes to 14. They have since lost the game, but check it out: Their first four wins came 1-0.
  • Edinburgh went from unranked to 16th after the disorder of that time. 14 Indiana (Pennsylvania). The fighting Scots remained perfect with a score of 4: 0, on Wednesday an exciting victory with a score of 1: 0 in overtime over rival PSAK Cal (Pa).
  • Limestone re-entered the top 25 for the first time since 2018, jumping at number 21. The Saints beat their opponents 11-0, starting 3-0, before drawing 1-1 last Wednesday and remaining undefeated.
  • No. 22 Breaking Point joins the party, sitting 2-0. PacWest pre-season favorites may check out the national rankings, compared to West Washington’s No. 8 next Monday, September 20th.
  • Staff review jumped to 23rd place. Although the opening season lost to Findley 1-0, the Bulldogs have since been perfect, 3-0, ahead of rivals 12-0.
  • And welcome Concord back to the top 25. Mountain lions are perfect for the season, but for some reason dropped out of last week’s poll. A 4-1 victory over West Virginia in the middle of the week this time should keep the Mountain Lions there.

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An impressive start for the Vikings

If you follow DII women’s football, you know that Western Washington is a long-term threat to the title. The 2016 country champions are also the country’s last national runners-up to be held 4-1-2 in the spring. The Vikings don’t waste time on trials.

West Washington is now 2-0-1. So far, they have drawn with the Colorado Mining School № 25 and joined then. 5 and regional rival Sonoma State 2-1 on Sunday jump 10 places in the final poll. For the Vikings, this does not stop, as next Monday they face № 22 Point Loma before finally entering the conference game. If the Vikings still have no losses, you can go ahead and register them as contenders to play on the second weekend of December.