HSBC Mumbles

Gower MP Byron Davies said: “Here we go again – another high street bank abandoning its customers and showing no commitment at all to the community.

“Mumbles is on the up at the moment with new developments underway or being planned. We have new businesses opening up. It is becoming an exciting place to do business in but here we have HSBC closing its branch down in a move which goes against the tide.


“ I am very disappointed. I will object but I have very little expectation that they will listen to any reasonable arguments about why they should remain open.


“Mumbles is a self sufficient community and it needs its banks. I hope customers of HSBC will tell them exactly what they think of this decision. That’s the only thing that may provoke a change of heart.”


To demonstrate the strength of feeling in Mumbles regarding the potential closure of HSBC, Byron has set up the petition below:




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Byron Meets With HSBC Over Bank Closure

The fight goes on. That’s the message from Gower MP Byron Davies who has held a meeting with HSBC bank bosses over their plans to close the branch in Mumbles.