Chelsea fans compare Cesar Aspilicueta after Spain’s final defeat in the League of Nations

Chelsea fans compare Cesar Aspilicueta after Spain’s final defeat in the League of Nations

Chelsea fans have made a bold comparison to Cesar Aspilicevta after he was part of a Spanish club that has failed in the League of Nations after France’s return denied Luis Enrique his first major squad during his tenure.

The 32-year-old Aspilicueta almost ended a brilliant week with a trophy in the international arena after a shocking but well-deserved nomination for the Golden Ball.

Unfortunately for him and the fans of the Spanish national team, this could not be, as Didier Deschamps’ team again demonstrated its ability to return, lagging behind the low attempt of Mikel Ojarzabal, which flew into the far corner of the goal.

The lead lasted just two minutes when Real Madrid striker Karim Benzema made a mistake with Chelsea defender and spun it into the far top corner of Unai Simon’s net from the edge to bring parity straight into play.

Azpilicueta also participated in the winning goal, but not for his side, as Theo Hernandez was able to escape from the aforementioned right-back in this game before playing for Mbappe, who eventually made it so easy.

Despite his guilt for both purposes, no one can deny the effort and determination shown by the former Marseille at this competition in Milan- a kind of aura that perfectly sums up his nine-year stay at Stamford Bridge.

Chelsea fans, who watched the League of Nations final without leaving home on television, admitted that Enrique used in this game a 32-year-old boy who played in a position like before.

One clip, which was distributed on Reddit, returned nostalgia to fans of the West London club as to what they already know about the quality of their universal defender-veteran.

This even led to interesting comparisons.

Here’s the best reaction to a clip that demonstrates Azpilicueta’s ability to kick the ball out of the back at a fast pace.

@xStealthxUk claimed: “The best RB in the history of” Chelsea “, the most consistent defender who has ever seen, and the three defenders of” Chelsea “who have ever imitated with JT and Ashley.”

@ ccombat43 replied, “I think Ivanovich is the best.”

@Pseudocaesar then weighed, “He’s probably there. In terms of consistency, as we all know, Azpi has no equal, a solid 7-8/10 every time he puts on a shirt.

“However, Ivanovich had a higher ceiling, but a much steeper decline to the end, which I think many remember.

“At best, he was often one of our best goal threats, and his shots from distance and ability to head were fantastic.

Former Chelsea defender Bronislaw Ivanovich celebrates after scoring a goal in the Champions League against Paris Saint-Germain in 2015

“Besides, I will never forget Ivanovic’s goal against Napoli or its winner in the Europa League final.”

@xStealthxUk then said, “Dave was much more consistent than Ivan. Ivan has always been the best CB for me, and in Jose lately, when he just refused to play Dave Rb, he played him in Lb to place Ivan (probably due to growth) -The side attack was just a baron, because Ivan really stopped running forward at the end of his career.

“How many times I yelled at Ivan to press and he just didn’t do when ahead he had 40 yards on clear grass, it was crazy, in the end it cost Jose his job because he was so stubborn that actually play the real pound. (Philippe Lewis just sat on the bench of criminals) and Dave RB.

“Dave is more consistent and for some reason doesn’t slow down, now he’s maybe even getting better, whereas with Bran it was the other way around.”

@ tomrichards8464 then ended the debate on this particular issue between the two defenders who won the Champions League: “Ivanovic was great and I probably played Chelsea XI all the time to suit them both, but if I have to pick one, it’s Dave. I especially think that in 2015-2017 he was the best defender in the league and played even better than Peak Ivanovich. “

@Hocojerry asked: “As Azpi has only 30 football matches for Spain, it literally amazes me and makes me mad.

“He is a solid defender, a good striker and a great leader. I am very happy that Luis Enrique has finally started to include Azpi in the squad.”

Finally, @ nick70100 passed his five-word sentence in the clip: “I love him so much.”