College of Swimming and Diving: The Board approves changes to the rules regarding officials

College of Swimming and Diving: The Board approves changes to the rules regarding officials

The Game Supervision Commission today approved a clarification of the rules regarding the minimum number of officials required to attend a formal swimming and diving meeting.

The Board approved the release permit in case the required number of officials due to unforeseen circumstances. All coaches whose teams participate in the meeting would have to approve the move.

The minimum number of officials required for double meetings is two, the minimum is for four.

The rule change will take effect during the 2021-22 school year.

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Fair competition

The Board approved an adjustment of wording around the bona fide criteria of U.S. swimming competitions and U.S. diving competitions that may be part of the team’s schedule and count toward qualification in the Swimming and Diving Championships. The goal is to ensure that participation in U.S. special swimming and diving meetings in the U.S. takes place during the school presentation.

Events must appear in the school schedule so that qualifying time is achieved in all activities. The following criteria are required:

  • Competitions must be held between two or more teams of the same sex from different colleges and simultaneously on the website.
  • Any fair meetings as defined above, authorized or approved by U.S. sailing and U.S. diving, must comply with rules and regulations.
  • Selected U.S. swimming and diving competitions in the U.S. eligible for time standards, review standards, and additional registration standards may be determined each year by the Men’s and Women’s Swimming and Diving Committees in all three divisions.

Examples of meetings where time standards can be achieved are the US National Swimming Championships, the FINA World Swimming Championships and the US Swimming Pro Championships.

Other rules change:

  • The use of kinesiology tape for divers during competitions will be permitted.
  • Standardized size and distance of pools at the bottom of the pool in new premises in accordance with US and FINA swimming regulations. Specifically, the T depicted at the bottom of the pool will be 2 meters (about 6½ feet) from the end wall, not the current 5 feet.
  • Divers will be allowed one practical approach forward or one approach backwards during take-off before the start of the diving competition unless a separate diving well is used.

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