Jordan De Goy suspension is the right call, says Brody Grandi, Collingwood Magpies, give up, news

Jordan De Goy suspension is the right call, says Brody Grandi, Collingwood Magpies, give up, news

Collingwood star Brody Grandi supports the club’s decision to dismiss Jordan De Goya for assault, saying Magpies “can’t stand” the behavior he was accused of.

Magpies fired De Goya after he was charged with assaulting a man in New York on October 30. De Goya’s second charge of “violent touching” was dropped last month.

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Collingwood later rejected a joint request from De Goya and his manager to allow the 25-year-old to resume training with the playgroup after his return to Australia.

Grandi believes the call was right, and says De Goy is “a big enough boy” to handle his exile.

“We are working very hard to make this club something we are proud of,” Grandi said Monday.

“This alleged behavior is something we can’t stand, so until it unfolds, we know more about it, Jordan will be spending time away.

“Until everything plays out, I just support what the club is doing. Jordan is now entering his eighth season; he’s a professional, I think he’ll be a big enough boy who trains away from the band, and that’s going to happen in the next five to six weeks. ”

De Goy spent the night in a Manhattan prison cell after his arrest. Photo: Channel 9Source: Supplied

De Goy returned to Australia and faced trial via video link last week before his trial was postponed to January.

Grandi said he sympathizes with De Goy, but the club cannot give him a free pass for training.

“You empathize because he is abroad, at that moment himself. You really think it will be scary, ”he said.

“But obviously the alleged behavior is something we can’t stand in this football club.”

Grandi said the club, however, was in contact with De Goya.

“Jordan is still a Collingwood player and we support him,” he said.

“We held out our hand, we were in constant compliance with him, and (we) hope that as a man he does everything he can.”

Grandi (left) and De Goy (right) played in the 2018 Collingwood Grand Final. Photo: Julian Smith / AAPSource: AAP

Grandi said that if De Goy is allowed to return to training, the ball will be in his court when it comes to returning to fitness.

“There’s no reason Jordan can’t improve his skills in terms of the game and things like that,” Grandi said.

“It will be just from him, it will be a challenge for him to keep his condition and get out.

“But I’m sure if and when it happens, he will be desperate to lay out everything he can.”