MP Pushes For Bigger Railway Car Park

GOWER MP Byron Davies is pressing Network Rail to increase the size of the car park at Gowerton Railway Station following complaints from nearby residents.

Mr Davies met with people living in Station Road who told him that the street is filled with the cars of commuters leaving no room for their own vehicles.

The station was upgraded four years ago when half the car park was taken to provide a new passenger footbridge. But residents pointed out that Network Rail owns land beyond the car park which they could use to extend it.

The meeting was also attended by Councillor Sue Jones who brought staff along from the road safety department of the council with her. They informed residents that the council will take action to introduce residents’ only parking along part of the street although some general parking spaces will also be retained.

Mr Davies said that he was very familiar with the problem as he walks down the street every week when he catches trains to and from Westminster.

He said: “There is a massive demand in the area for access to rail services and since Gowerton Station was upgraded at a cost of £28m, passenger numbers have risen from 10,600 a year to 131,000 last year. That’s a massive increase and it is obvious that parking facilities are totally inadequate.

“We lost half the car park because of the station upgrade but I have already met Network Rail to press them to increase the size of the car park by extending it over land that they own.

“Having spent £28m on the station, it is not unreasonable to suggest that some extra money should be found to solve this parking problem – not only for the sake of local residents but also for the commuters who are all struggling to find somewhere to park. The nearby council-owned car park is always full and motorists have to resort to parking wherever they can.

“People in Station Road are fed up with the situation. I welcome the moves by Swansea Council to provide some relief by creating the residents’ only parking bay and extending some of the double yellow lines.

“I know Sue Jones has been working hard on this and is using some of the money allocated to her for spending in her ward to pay for some of these changes. I am happy to support the campaign in any way I can.

“I will be writing to Network Rail again urging them to act. I have regular meetings with them and this issue will be on the top of my agenda.”

At the moment, 14 trains a day call at the station and commuters have said that the car park is full before they arrive to catch the 6.50am train. More trains are expected to use the station in future.