Uruguay 2: 1 Portugal | byrondavies.org.uk

Uruguay 2: 1 Portugal |  byrondavies.org.uk

The second match of the 1/8 finals of the World Cup, scheduled for today, was the match between Uruguay and Portugal. Since Uruguay came into the game with 3 wins in 3 and Portugal with 1 win and 2 draws was firmly in favor of Uruguay, however the quality of the Portuguese team and past performances have given them 4j FIFA seed rating compared to 14j rating for Uruguay shows that it will be a very close football match!

Uruguay v. Portugal
The final score is 2-1

In the first half both sides started a very strong start with a number of chances, including a close goal by Ronaldo for Portugal and in the 7thj a minute of a fantastic header by Cavani brought Uruguay forward. Both teams continued to save the free-kick “Suarez”, which almost gave Uruguay a bigger advantage, and later Ronaldo hit a free kick into the wall.

The second half lasted the same as the first, both teams had a lot of chances, and in Portugal most of the shots and possession. Corner brought Portugal back to level with a fantastic header from Pepe in the 55thj minute. However, after that Cavani scored again, finding plenty of room behind the Portuguese defenders and conveniently bending the shot around the goalkeeper in 62a minute. It was a fantastic goal against which the goalkeeper had no chance, but the defenders really let themselves down with the crossbar. Portugal continued to build up pressure with many great goal-scoring opportunities, including Bernardo Silva conceding an open goal after a goalkeeper error. Uruguay almost managed to score 3 – 1 after a mistake by the defense, which gave Rodriquez a great opportunity to score, but he failed to finish the game.